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OptionsExplorer offers various tools and methods to select the right market to trade in – you can approach this from the market side – determine the market volatility and the market direction and then search for options opportunities for the market, or you may start from the options side – ask the software to search through thousands upon thousands of options with a multitude of filters of your choice.


Once an opportuntiy has been identified, then OptionsExplorer offers powerful tools to analyze that market, identify the correct trading strategy and to visualize the underlying risk in the trading position. There are a myriad of built-in trading strategies for different market conditions i.e. low volatility – bear market, high volatility – neutral market, moderate volatility – non-neutral market etc. Strategies for beginner traders, advanced traders or master traders.


Based on the market conditions you identified allows Options Explorer to suggest a trading strategy with the ability to fine-tune it to your liking. You can also build your own strategy and view the profitability of the position with the underlying risk on various graphs and charts. Options Explorer also allows you to simulate price movements into the future, allowing you to view the effect on your position and plan ahead. All tables and graphs will update live with the changes that you make to your strategy.


After creating a trading strategy, you will be able to save it and create any number of paper trading accounts that you like. From here on forward the software will use live data to track the performance of your trading positions over time. You will also have the ability to go back in time, construct a strategy and track its performance for back testing purposes.

The Options Explorer Software


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Options Explorer captures the knowledge and experience gained after years of trading options. It provides a single source of all relevant options data and allows you to select a market, formulate and optimize a trading strategy, plan and monitor your trades. It provides you with all of the required information and tools neccessary to build a successful trading business, trading Options on the Commodity Markets.

Options Explorer answers all of the following questions:

HOW do I know which market to look at (Corn, Wheat, Coffee, Gold)?

HOW do I identify that option in the market that has the probability of expiring worthless?

HOW do I know which strategy to follow given the market conditions (bull, bear, neutral, high volatility, etc.)?

HOW do I visualize the RISK in a trade?

HOW do I monitor the trade? HOW do I manage the trade? HOW do I adapt my strategy – my trading plan – as the market changes!?

Start your Own Commodity Options Trading Business

Package Includes:

Options Explorer Software, Installation and User Manual (Valued at $2095)

MySQL Installers and Driver Software

Up to Date IV Data and Commodity Contract Price History

Access to Our Commodity Options Course (Valued at $595)

1 Year Subscription to Our Monthly Newsletter Membership (Valued at $1440)

  Access to Our Private Telegram Trading Group

Operating System Requirements: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher

Options Explorer Requires a Data Subscription With priced at $40 p/m