Important Course Notes

Thanks for purchasing our Complete Commodity Options Business Course! It is our sincere hope that what is contained within this course will empower you with the right knowledge and mindset to not only start trading options but to treat it and pursue it as a serious business.

As you progress through the modules and lessons in this course, you will probably notice that our content was written in a very direct manner and that we, at times, relay a lot of our own personal experiences and perspectives.

This was done intentionally since we are real traders first and course writers second. We do not beat around the bush when it comes to trading and we wanted to convey a serious tone in what we have written. We, therefore, want to bring the message across to our course participants, that trading options can stack the odds in your favour BUT you have to take it seriously and be willing to put in the effort from your side to understand options first before you can even move on to trading it.

Before you get started, please take note of how this course was laid out and how you should progress through it:

Modules and Lessons

There are currently 17 modules in this course that contain various lessons. Each module covers important information that should be fully understood first before you move on to the next module. It is imperative that you do not skip a module or lesson, otherwise, you will not understand other important concepts later on.

We have not included a time limit for any module or lesson and course participants are welcome to retake the entire course up to a limit of 10 times. If you do not understand some of the concepts explained in this course, then please take your time to go over previous lessons until you grasp what was covered.

Once you have read through a lesson, there will be a “Complete” button at the bottom of the page that you would have to click to take you to the next lesson. Doing this will automatically allow the course software to track your progress so that you will always know where you are or previously stopped.

Most modules will have a quiz section at the end of each module.


Our quizzes are very important and we included them in this course to test your understanding of core principals that were discussed during each module. Please take your time to read through each question carefully before you attempt to answer it.

The course software will track your progress through each module’s quizzes and only allow you to progress to the next module after you have achieved a minimum pass rate of 70%. If you failed to get that percentage, then you will be allowed to re-take the quizzes, up to 10 times. After you have passed a module’s quizzes, then there will be a button to “Review” the questions WITH an explanation of why each question was right or wrong.

Additional Future Content

All course participants will continue to have access to any additional course content we may add in the future, at no extra cost.

Bonus Monthly Newsletter Subscription

Each course participant will get access to a 1-month free subscription of our Monthly Newsletter Service. This is a great added bonus for anyone that is serious to take their knowledge further and want to see how we trade and implement the strategies we discussed in the course.

Protect Our Course Content

We sincerely hope that you keep our course content to yourself and that you do not attempt to share it with anyone or make copies of it. We reserve the right to cancel any course participants access rights if we find out that our content was shared or copied in any way. We trust that you will not participate in any illegal online piracy since you paid a fee to have the right to our intellectual property.

You are now ready to start and we hope that you enjoy this course! If you are new to options, then do not get disheartened if you get to a stage where you get confused or unable to grasp some of the important theory that exists in options.

Simply take your time and do not rush things. No-one became an expert at anything overnight. The same goes for options!


Cecil Lourens and Richard Krugel