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The Complete Commodity Options Business Course


At Your Options Forecast, we are of the opinion that options trading has been made far more complex than it really is and that this was done on purpose, to shy the average retail investor away from this method of trading.

The reality, however, is that when options are fully understood that this method of trading turns the odds into your favor. It is a trading tool that institutional traders have been using for many years, to gain an edge in the market.

When you have an edge – an advantage – in the markets, then obviously you do not want the “normal” retail trader to have the same edge and level playing field!? What better way than to make “your edge” this scary, complex, high-risk trading methodology only suited for the really advanced trader with huge funds behind him?

If this is what you have been taught, then you have been misinformed and lied to! The truth is that large institutional traders or funds don’t want you to know the truth and have a competitive edge trading in the markets. Trading options are MUCH LESS risky than trading the futures and in this course, we will prove that to you!

Course Intent

  • The aim of this course upon completion is twofold:

  • We want you to UNDERSTAND options, what is it that you are trading and how it works, and

  • We want you to build a SUCCESSFUL TRADING BUSINESS.

Why Commodity Options?

  • Drastically lower the risk versus positions in the outright futures market

  • Many different trading strategies – learn how to trade in any market condition, even in a level trading market

  • Trade with the probability for success stacked in your favour

  • Have the ability to step away from the market action and pursue a part-time trading business

  • Level the playing field and be able to effectively compete with the Professional Trader


  • Gain a solid understanding of options

  • Learn which important factors determine options pricing

  • Understand which Greeks are the most important and why

  • Discover which options strategies are available and how to engage with any market condition

  • Introduction to Position and Risk Graphs

  • Learn about Implied Volatility and how to use it to measure market sentiment

  • Get access to our own Commodity list with special information on how to calculate important options metrics

  • All course participants will receive a free month subscription to our Monthly Newsletter service after completion

  • Gain a solid understanding of options


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