About Us

Your Options Forecast was born out of the idea, or let’s say necessity, to show new traders, or current unsuccessful traders, an approach to trading that many have previously not known about or simply considered too complicated.

Our services include actionable trade ideas that are backed with advanced technical analysis and high-performance strategies, but we also place a lot of emphasis on the importance of education in a way that is direct and truthful.

We are dedicated to empowering our members with the knowledge, mindset and tools necessary to start their own commodity options trading business in a professional and transparent way.

Meet The Team

Cecil Lourens
Head Strategist

Cecil is a Chemical Engineer by trade and the head options strategist at Your Options Forecast. Like so many traders before him, he was introduced to Forex trading and being an engineer and doing what they do best, he set out building spreadsheets and simulations and convinced himself that he could retire in just a few years. 

The truth of the matter was that what worked on paper does not necessarily work when you decide to go live and invest real capital. But being as persistent as he is, he decided to really educate himself while holding a full-time job.

Taking his time constraints into account, Cecil found a way to stack the odds in his favour when he was introduced to trading Options on the Commodity Markets. He even went as far as using his skills to write software that makes his life easier and that does most of the analysis required for him so that his trade selection becomes easier while visualizing his risk better. 

Cecil is responsible for most of the strategy development, updates and course development on this website and makes sure that our members get their trade ideas in time so that they can act on the information in a timely manner. 

Apart from trading, Cecil strikes a great balance between trading and his personal life and enjoys the outdoors. Cecil's contribution in both his skills and professionalism is what makes him a real asset for this website. 

Richard Krugel
Head Technical Analyst

Richard is the head technical analyst at Your Options Forecast and just like Cecil, he started his trading journey when he was introduced to Forex more than 12 years ago. The road to becoming a consistently profitable trader was however very difficult and frustrating, but things changed when he landed a job on a trading floor in Cape Town, South Africa, where he day traded the equity markets. The skills and knowledge gained from such a fast paced environment was invaluable and Richard eventually decided to pursue a full time career as a trader on his own. 

Through the years thereafter Richard was fortunate to meet, and learn from, two highly skilled traders from whom he developed his own methods to trade the markets. His first mentor introduced him to trading options on the commodity markets and the second helped him develop his skill in advanced technical analysis. 

Richard is responsible for analyzing various commodities using techniques such as market geometry, volume and multi-time frame divergence to come up with trade ideas. These ideas are then discusses with Cecil to formulate trading strategies utilizing options. Working together as a team has resulted in many spectacular trades on a consistent basis. 

Having two highly skilled and dedicated traders at the helm of Your Options Forecast is what makes their educational content and monthly newsletter service so special and sought after.